KROOOPS initiative against Broadcast of Prayers in Public

On Wednesday,  29 April 2020, the City of Mississauga Council amended its noise ByLaw to allow places of worship to broadcast on external loudspeakers. As Canada is a pluralist society embracing people of all cultures and religions, it is a fundamental principle that Freedom of Religion must also mean Freedom from Religion.

This is a Call for Legal Action against the City of Mississauga for violating this fundamental principle. This lawsuit will be launched by KROOOPS (Keep Religion out of our Public Schools - Canada Not-for-profit Corporation # 1021888-0) on behalf of the residents of Mississauga and Ontario as a whole.

KROOOPS was founded to make all constitutionally acceptable efforts to:
1. Keep religion out of Public Schools and other Public institutions
2. Ensure Provincial Human Rights Codes are abided by in Public Schools and other Public institutions
3. Ensure total accountability of Public funds by Public educational institutions and other Public institutions
4. Challenge Parliamentary Motions and Bills that violate the Constitution including and especially the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
5. Carry out activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the aforementioned purposes


We are looking to raise a minimum of $120,000 to fund the Lawsuit. This fund will go towards legal fees, expert witness fees, administration fees, Court fees, cost awards, financial audit fee, and miscellaneous expenses such as, but not limited to technology and accounting.


Any funds raised in excess of the amounts required for the lawsuit against the City of Mississauga will be used by KROOOPS to pursue other purposes in accordance with KROOOPS Charter.

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